• Saving Trees
  • Recyclable Materials
  • Salvaged Materials
  • Conservation

Saving Trees and Landscape Features


    • We have dug up and transplanted over 128 oak trees over the years. We have moved them all over the county for people to put in their yards at no cost to them.
    • We happily go to extraordinary lengths to be sure we are protecting and saving as much of the natural landscape and as many of the trees as possible before construction even starts.  Once we surveyed a building site 13 times to check both the horizontal and vertical clearances for a customer before we  started construction.  We would much rather do this than unnecessarily cut trees down for firewood - or worse yet - cut them down and haul them to the landfill!
    • We have even cut notches in our roof eves in order to allow trees to pass by rather than cut them down. You can see some of these pictures below, or by clicking the image to the right.


Using Recycled and Recyclable Materials

    • The steel we use in our homes is 100% recyclable and the beams and steel studs were more than likely made form 100% recycled steel.
    • The concrete and re-bars are recyclable.
    • We use insulated windows, high efficiency appliances, and high efficiency air conditions systems.
    • For more information on this, see Why Concrete and Steel?


Using Salvaged Materials

    • We have made doors from old salvaged lumber.  One door was salvaged from an old bordello that was located along the mexican border in the early 1800's!
    • We have used salvaged cyprus for flooring.  The cyprus is harvested from old logs found on the bottom of rivers in Texas and Louisiana.
    • We have used rough sawn pine for accent walls.


Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC Is A Conservation-Minded Contractor

Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC takes great pride in protecting the environment and doing all we can to assist in conservation efforts.

Our family takes great pride in the conservation organizations we all belong to and we have personally helped with coastal restoration efforts by stocking fingerlings of Trout, Red Fish, and Flounder in our coastal bays and by providing nesting grounds for all the water fowl that winter here each year. We are all members of the Coastal Conservation Association and Ducks Unlimited. We believe very strongly in acting as stewards of this land, and in doing all we can to protect it for the generations to come.

Please help us maintain the beautiful bays, beaches, and trees in our area. The entire Gulf Coast, from Texas all the way to Florida, is such a unique habitat and is home to many animals, birds and plants that can't be found anywhere else!



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