Build Your Texas Coastal Bend Wood Framed Structure with Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC

Most homes in the United States have been built with wood.  Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC still designs and builds many wood frame homes using the best engineering practices available in the industry today.  Canterbury Design and Construction (Canterbury Construction, at the time) was the first company on the coast to use T.E.C.O. Ties made by Timber Engineering Company back in the 1960's to strengthen our wooden homes.  The homes we have designed and built have never sustained damage from the many hurricanes to hit Texas throughout our 50 plus years in business.

Steel ties, clips, plates, and tie-downs are now required by the building codes to strengthen wooden structures.  Texas windstorm insurance requires these steel fasteners to be used for the homes in order to be eligible for insurance in the windstorm pool.  Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC uses the latest engineering principles to ensure our homes are built to the best possible construction standards at the time.

Please visit our gallery to see some of the beautiful wood frame homes we have built!


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