Build Your Texas Coastal Bend Concrete and Steel Home or Structure with Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC

Concrete and Steel is the ultimate construction method for safety and quality to protect your family, your home, or your business, and your investment dollars.

We want our homeowner customers to feel confident when they lock their home and leave on an extended trip that their home and belongings will be safe and secure while they are away; and we want our commercial customers to have that same confidence level in the safety and security of the physical structure of their business.

Concrete and Steel Construction is:

    • Ultimate for family safety
    • Ultimate for fire protection
    • Ultimate for safety from hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes
    • Ultimate for protection from termites and other pests
    • Ultimate for increased R-Values and insulation of your home
    • Ultimate for protection from home invasion and the protection of your valuables
    • Ultimate for the least maintenance over the years
    • Ultimate for lasting value for your investment dollars
    • Ultimate "Green Construction" method

While we recommend Concrete and Steel over any other construction method due to its proven superiority, we still build many structures using other methods at our clients' requests.  To learn more about each method of construction, and the various types of buildings we can build, please see Our Structures

Please also take a moment to review our Galleries to see just how beautiful a concrete and steel home can be!  


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