Steel Framed Structures Designed and Built by Canterbury Design and Construction in the Rockport and Texas Coastal Bend Areas

DSCN0051Steel frame construction is exactly what it sounds like: steel is used for framing a home or building in stead of wood. This helps the environment being that steel is 100% recyclable and lots of trees were saved by not using all of the timber that would otherwise have been used.  Steel framing can be used for any home or building designed for wood construction.  With steel framing all wood is eliminated and the superior structural strength of steel is utilized; the home is completely framed out of steel.

We had one of our steel frame homes receive a direct hit from an F-1 tornado. The reason they said it was an F-1 and not stronger is that the electronic wind gauge the homeowners had on their home was damaged at 120 mph and that is what the screen showed so that is what they called it.  Steel framed homes can be engineered and designed to withstand winds up to 155 mph. This home only had some field tile damaged were the tiles from the surrounding homes were embedded into the roof tile and one rake tile was broken from flying debris. There was absolutely no other damage to the home.  This speaks volumes for the safety of your family and the value of your investment in a stronger engineered steel frame home. This is also another reason to choose Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC . We only utilize sub-contractors that do quality work and this tornado proves the standard of work quality that we require for the homes we build.

Benefits of using steel framing:

    • Steel is inorganic; it will not warp, it will not rot, it will not split, crack, or creep.
    • Steel is constant quality - steel is produced in strict accordance with national standards; there are no regional variations or inconsistencies.
    • Steel framing provides protection from lightning - there is less likelihood of damage from lightning strikes due to the superior grounding characteristics a steel frame structure provides. The steel frame acts like a Faraday cage for protection from lightning strikes or EMPs.

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Steel Frame Homes


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